Fairies, Brownies and Old Movies

My new line of fairies and magical creatures are making their way into Griffinwyse this week.  Growing up I loved classical art and sculpture and even as recently as five years ago that was the biggest influence in my art.  I was creating bonded bronze sculptures at the time.  As I have really allowed myself to have more and more fun with creating things and incorporating more of my personality into my work I have found that I also adore things that are slightly creepy, slightly unusual with a touch of classical in them.  Maybe this is an influence from my love of old  films – particularly old ghost stories.  I loved the films that slowly revealed some dark history, the spooky Victorian houses, people who were not what they seemed to be.  It is that combination of beautiful and dark, mystery and magic that drew me in.  I cannot wait to incorporate more of this influence into my elves and creatures.  That is not to say you won’t see something downright sweet among my creations, of course you will, but to me the elves come with as many different personalities and occupations as humans. Certain regions of my elves lend themselves more to this style than others so you will likely see it most with the Carpathian Elves.  I have only a few available now since I have been concentrating more on Northern Elves this spring but more are on the way. I keep a notepad in my work area with an ongoing list of ideas that pop up while I sculpt and right now the list is long and still growing.  With this many ideas in waiting, I should never get bored!

Nisha is a night fa and appears to have more of a dark side upon first glance but night fairies are protectors by nature.

A little dark and light makes her intriguing.

Gillanders is the first of my brownies and kobolds.  The interesting thing about these creatures is that they love to listen to and help you with your problems but they do not like to be addressed directly.  Gillanders is definitely more on the sweet side but I love both of these characters for different reasons.  I hope you do, too!


2 thoughts on “Fairies, Brownies and Old Movies

  1. Wow! You are very talented! I’ll be visiting again to see what is new from you. Very inspiring!

    Your movies reminds me of the old Gothic romance novels that I read when I was younger. A sulking hero, an inquisitive heroine in an old castle/mansion with a ghost or two. My favorites were the kind where the characters were questioning in the end – could it have been something from beyond our world?

    • Thank you for checking in. I’m working on a piece with a different kind movie theme this week. It’s been exciting to work on a much larger scale. I’ll try to update here asap!

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