Spring, Easter and Rabbits!

I had spring fever here this week in spite of the constant rain outside my window!

I’m not complaining about the rain – it actually makes it much easier to focus on production and it’s a comforting sound to work by.  We decorated the house for spring – eggs, rabbits and tulips are everywhere.  Naturally that filtered its way into my studio and this week I finished painting the five new pieces I sculpted last week.  All will be available on my site by Friday.  Four of the new additions are very spring-themed and one is a Carpathian Elf growing mandrakes- oh yes, Harry Potter is still very much alive and well in my household.

We have two pet holland lops and they were inspiration for my one full-size piece this week, Lydia.  I would like to introduce you to

Honey Bunny

and Thumper

(Yes, his ears are always going every which way)

Both of these little guys are a little over three years old and are the best little pets.  Thumper is shy but loves to be stroked and adored and oddly dislikes carrots, and Honey enjoys shredding newspaper and thinks he rules the world.  They both appear in the Lydia sculpture and were quite happy to explore by studio while I worked.  Here they are in sculpted form.

This weekend we will be attending the Best of the Northwest show.  I love going to see what other artists are creating and I hope to bring back some interesting photos to share with you.  Getting out of the studio and seeing new things is always inspiring.  I have my project list prepared for next week already but I wonder if I might not adjust it once new creative juices start flowing.  So far I have two full-size elves planned and preliminary work on this year’s Christmas ornament.  I also plan to work on fairies by request.  In the past month I believe I have had five requests for fairies so they are on their way!

Have a great weekend!


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